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Chris Dahlberg Apple Developer #1027486370

The most important aspect of iPod/iPhone/iPad apps is that an app can be found in iTunes, purchased and downloaded with incredible ease from the App Store.
As seen below the Cairns & Tropical North Queensland App has been found and downloaded with the search term "tropical north queensland" in the App Store and installed for $4.99. (Lots of tourists check out iTunes for apps for where they are holidaying and download them onto their iPads, iPhones or iPods before they leave home. Pers survey.)

COMING SOON: How to make your own holiday app for nothing.

App Store banner

Screenshot of iTunes page for Cairns & TNQ app.

Dramatic photo of Chris Dahlberg at Apple in New York.





Apple Developer Chris Dahlberg at Apple in The Big Apple.
Park Avenue New York, Friday 20 July 2012.

Splash screen for Cairns & Tropical North Queensland App.

Cairns & Tropical North Queensland
$4.99 from the App Store.

Cairns Apps are proud to be associated with Sutro Media in the production of the Cairns & Tropical North Queensland app along with the Port Douglas & Daintree Discovery Guide app for i/Pod/Pad/Phone.


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