Computer screens
"Responsive websites" are the answer to the perplexing problem that the business world faces with the meteoric use of mobile devices and the continued use of PC's and Macs.
One single website fits all screen sizes which is just as well because the use of mobile phones has just hit 50% of global web traffic. (Jul 2014)

Our responsive websites start with a realistic loading time for mobiles but retain their design over all other screen sizes. Because of inherent limitations in data transmission from remote towers and the operating systems of mobile devices are not taken into account by web developers some responsive websites do not render quickly, if at all, on mobile devices.

Ours do, and they come up quickly. Try this one.

Mobile % of Total Global Web Traffic.

Trends graph

It is not surprising really that mobile devices have by-passed PC use. Almost everyone carries their internet communicator with them.

They leave their PC's at home or work.
In the tourism industry we see tourists taking happy snaps with their phones, checking their emails on their phones and doing just about everything with their phones.